It’s safe to say that you’ve worked hard for your what you have accrued. It should therefore be a no brainer that you have your assets protected from potential creditors, excessive taxation, or even seizure. Unfortunately, these instances happen all too often, and the problem is that most folks don’t think to have any kind of plan in place for when these situations occur. You don’t have to be an executive, business owner, or in a field with higher rates of litigation (i.e. doctors, lawyers, etc.) to be at risk. Most companies offer retirement packages that include 401K’s and other benefits that could be subject to these rules.

Asset ProtectionThere are many different avenues to pursue in asset protection, because there are many different assets that are at risk. Homesteads, annuities and insurance policies, even the aforementioned retirement plans could be potentially stripped away. Few people know how to navigate the bounds of debtor-creditor law; and when consequences can lead to repossession or even time in prison, it’s best to have experts guide you in the process. Some of the nuance varies from state to state, however, it’s all the more reason to consult and Asset Protection Attorney. The DIY software packages and TV ad “gurus” try for a one-size-fits-all type of approach that can’t possibly take into account the needs of each individual looking for a proper plan. If you value the legacy you have built for your family and would like to see if passed on unencumbered, then you owe it to yourself to consider the benefits of a proper estate and asset protection plan. One bad lawsuit or health crisis could lay plans you thought you had in place by the wayside. If the situation arises, having consulted someone with in depth knowledge of the process will certainly provide the peace of mind knowing your assets are safeguarded from potential creditors.

Here at Entrusted Estate, we are here to do just that. We will put together a comprehensive action plan that factors in all your needs. Everything from a 401k, to a cottage up north, to all your planes, trains, and automobiles will be covered. You and certainly your family will be alleviated of the stress that comes with dealing with creditors that can come knocking. You’ve worked hard for what you have, so make sure you aren’t caught off guard in an emergency. Call now for a consultation with one of our skilled Estate Planning and Asset Protection Attorneys to invest in your own protection and the future of your legacy.