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February 2021

January 2021

Looking at Estates: Inheritance Tax


While there is no inheritance tax or estate tax in Michigan, one's estate will still be subject to state law on estate administration. While wills,

Looking at Estates: Inheritance Tax2021-01-08T09:27:53+00:00

December 2020

Medicaid Planning: Facts vs. Myths


Do you know that the cost of a nursing home or long-term assisted living may deplete your assets rapidly? For the elderly, getting into Medicaid

Medicaid Planning: Facts vs. Myths2021-01-07T11:34:58+00:00

Common Tools in Estate Planning Law


Any estate planning lawyer could tell you that setting up a last will and testament is not limited to novels or movies. There is a

Common Tools in Estate Planning Law2020-12-19T12:49:55+00:00

November 2020

Exploring Estate Plans


Drafting wills without consulting estate planning lawyers can lead to unnecessary stress to your loved ones when you pass away. As you create a will,

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September 2020

July 2020

June 2020

What Is Probate Court? Do I Have To Go?


Probate court is a specialized court that handles matters related to estate administration. Probate deals with the legal process of managing a deceased individual’s debt

What Is Probate Court? Do I Have To Go?2020-06-26T06:25:07+00:00

What Is Estate Planning


“What is estate planning?” As an attorney who specializes in it, this is the question I get the most. Estate planning can be one of

What Is Estate Planning2020-06-26T06:48:48+00:00
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