1. Your legacy is worth it. You have worked hard for what you have achieved for you and your loved ones, and you deserve for it to stay in your family. By setting up a trust, you ensure that your legacy is maintained, and that your wishes are carried out. Your family will receive tokens of your gratitude for their love and support, and they will, in turn, be able to have something to keep your memory alive. With no interference .
  2. Your family doesn’t want to go to court, no one does. trust is must important for everyoneAnyone who has been through the process can tell you how painful it can be. So why make it hard on your loved ones? No estate plan, or even having just a will, means anything you have accumulated is beholden to the wishes of the probate judge, and your family is subject to multiple hearings to hopefully have your wishes carried out. This process costs time, money, and stress for your family during an already difficult time.
  3. It saves money. With a trust, you are able to avoid probate court, which can save thousands in attorney and court costs, not to mention the fact that a properly planned estate can save on estate and inheritance taxes. This all varies on a state to state basis, but generally speaking, the trust saves your family large costs down the road. Costs they certainly would appreciate not having incurred.
  4. Your wishes remain private. It stays secret to your trustees and any beneficiaries. This means there isn’t long lost or troubled family that can contest your iron-clad trust. You have the peace of mind knowing that there are no fights to be had, because your wishes are to be carried out by the entrusted executor of your estate. There is nothing better than a peaceful transition in such a dire time.
  5. Life happens. No one can really say they know what will come next. Whether it’s a severe weather storm, a pandemic, or a surprise life event, there’s never a good time for it to strike. As ill-timed as they may be, these pitfalls are inevitable in life. So why not be prepared?

Take the time to make the investment in your families peace of mind.